Property Management

Exceptional Residential Property Management in Chico, CA

Hill Properties strives to deliver unparalleled residential property management services by applying expertise and focus to the management of our portfolio of multi-family and single-family assets in Chico, CA. We provide a wholly integrated package of property management services designed to reflect client goals while being mindful of market dynamics and conditions. Our financial strength, experienced staff, local expertise, and expansive collection of services, add to bottom-line performance while increasing resident satisfaction.

Your trust is paramount to us, and you can rest assured knowing that you have the combined knowledge of our entire staff working to optimize the performance of your assets.

What makes us unique? Our asset managers, on-site managers, maintenance staff, and office support staff who all understand they work for our OWNERS! We strive to provide the best possible return for the owners of the assets we oversee. As an owner of assets locally and out of state, Wes Hill knows that pennies add up to dollars, and the details in our business matter greatly.

Guiding Principles:

Honoring God: Our company’s intention is to conduct all business dealings with the utmost integrity and excellence to honor God in all we do.

Excellence: We believe that the only standard for company performance is one of excellence. We believe this should be the standard of performance in every task undertaken throughout our company.

Service Oriented: We intend to have a positive and long-term impact on our clients, residents, fellow team members, industry and community.

Efficiency: It is our objective to build and sustain a business involving talented and knowledgeable team members using efficient and effective processes.

Wisdom: We will identify and prioritize our goals and the best ways of strategically attaining them. Our efforts within our business are intentional and purposeful, focusing on what is vital.

Profitabilty: We intend to operate Hill Properties profitably to benefit our owners and act with generosity to our employees and community.

Please contact Wes Hill at or (530) 893-3480 to discuss the management of your residential real estate in the Chico, CA area.