I want to thank Hill Properties management, maintenance crew and staff, for managing, maintaining my property value and taking care of owner/tenants needs. Having a great property management company makes me feel assured my investment is being well taken care of at all times. When any type of maintenance problems arise, their staff immediately responds, gets the problem fixed, repaired or solved. Hill Properties’ staff does extensive background checks on future tenants. This extra work reduces owner/tenant problems and maintenance expenses. Again, I want to extend my appreciation to a group of professionals who go far and beyond the call of duty in protecting my property value and the safety of my tenants.
-Guy & Mary Worth (Antioch, CA)

We are the owners of what is perhaps the most difficult of management properties; over 100 units of student rentals. We have been with Hill management for about 10 years after becoming dissatisfied with another firm that had allowed vacancy to run as high as 20%. We are happy to report that we have begun every term since at 100% occupancy. We are fairly demanding owners and could not be happier with our seasoned, caring and responsive team. We give a heartfelt recommendation for Hill Properties.
- Bill Stone

We would like to thank you for your many years of management of our properties. We are very satisfied with your management since you began managing our properties over 6 years ago. Your tenant selection, property maintenance and expense control have been excellent. Most of all, we rely on your honesty and integrity. Communication with you is superb. I feel that I can call you at any time for your expert opinion. You have helped me many times by recommending individuals for maintenance projects on our rentals. I rely on your expertise both in leasing and sales. It makes my life a lot easier knowing you and your highly-qualified staff offer such a full-service property management.
- Karen and Rick Ford