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Name: Lucas Butler Address: 390 Ash st Unit 4 Email: Phone: 5309490158

Deposit: $500     Rent: $460

Looking for easy going, respectable individuals who are school oriented. We like a clean environment. We are both chico state students who like to hit the gym and cook.


Name: Angelina Garcia Address: Email: Phone: 6266368898

Deposit: $n/a     Rent: $n/a

Hi, my name is Angie! I am a second year at Chico State, majoring in Anthropology. I enjoy going out, visiting new places, crocheting, and going for walks.

I am looking for a room that is available in the Legacy apartments that need 1 roommate.


Name: Kurt Leichner Address: 1521 NORD AVE Email: Phone: 5307154294

Deposit: $150     Rent: $433

I work, come home, eat, workout, sleep, stay happy, and do it all over again and again ))

I'm looking for people who enjoy accomplishing goals and have fun during the process. It's a cozy place! And I'm happy to share it. Washer and dryer, a little backyard garden, new fridge. I honestly think it's fun living here.


Name: Jayne Enns Address: 1521 Nord Avenue #9 Chico, 95926 Email: Phone: (530) 228-0389

Deposit: $500     Rent: $450

Hello, I'm Jayne Enns. My two roommates and I are looking for a fourth roommate for the start of the next lease starting May 28th. Most of us are Chico State students or recently graduated. My roommates names are Ivan and Dylan. We live at Nord Gardens, apartment #9, which is two-stories, has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, onsite laundry, a small patio, and onsite parking. The complex has a swimming pool, picnic area, basketball court, and exercise room.

We live at Nord Gardens, apartment #9, which is two-stories, has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, onsite laundry, a small patio, and onsite parking. The complex has a swimming pool, picnic area, basketball court, and exercise room. We are looking for a roommate who is responsible, moderately quiet and tidy.


Name: Hanna Alarcon Address: 1521 Nord Ave #98 Email: Phone: 3234084432

Deposit: $500     Rent: $495

We are 3 girls living in Nord gardens. We are all 2nd years at Chico State. We keep the place clean. We’re looking for someone that also goes to Chico State, will pay their rent on time and doesn’t mind a lively house.


Name: Patrick Daily Address: 635 w 2ave Email: Phone: 5307170850

Deposit: $0     Rent: $4767

Im looking for someone to take over my lease in a 3br 1 bath apartment. It’s a upstairs Apartment in a quiet apartment complex the other roommate are male. Everyone is very clean, quite, and respectful.


Name: Damion Lewis Address: 1521 Nord Ave Email: Phone: 3052839049

Deposit: $350     Rent: $413.75

Very affordable townhome available for anyone in need. 1 room is available, you will have access to all necessary appliances in the home. The townhouse and neighborhood is comfortable. Quiet household.

Room will be available beginning Feb. 15


Name: Eduardo Mora Address: 710 Nord Ave Email: Phone: 9253057984

Deposit: $600     Rent: $500

Hi my name is Eduardo Mora and I am posting this requesting for a room to be filled. The other roommate is new, his name is Eric; 42 years old. I am 25 years old college student taking a break for a few semesters but will be continuing school.

I am looking for someone that is also my age, or starting college age such as 20-25 but any older is fine too. I preferably am looking for someone that also has a disability or is in the queer community but if someone gets accepted and that is not within my preferances, that is fine too, as long as the room is filled :)


Name: Logan Claycamp Address: 1125 West Sacramento Ave #9 Email: Phone: 530-515-8418

Deposit: $500     Rent: $465

Looking for male roommate to take over lease with 3 other males in 4bedroom/2bath apartment. Roommates play baseball for Butte College, enjoy sports and having a good time.

Roommates are easy to get along with and I would be staying in the apartment if I weren’t leaving the area.


Name: Branden Melrose-Ensign Address: 626 W 1ST AVE APT 9 Email: Phone: 7606628839

Deposit: $600     Rent: $901.50

Looking for party interested in a lease takeover. Lease is good until July. 2 bed 1.5 bath near Chico State. Newly renovated bathroom, new fridge and ac.


Name: Jackie Massimino Address: 525 Chestnut St. Unit 29 Email: Phone: 925-890-1788

Deposit: $150     Rent: $750

This is a sub lease with another male student with a cute little cat.


Name: Delilah Ogarrio Address: 1521 Nord Avenue Email: Phone: 15303544986

Deposit: $150     Rent: $550

Looking for a person who's interested in a lease assumption planned move out date in March. Currently doesn't end until July but managers on site are willing to offer the same renewal conditions as we were as long as we can all find replacements. I am just looking for a replacement for my side of the latest. There is an empty room in the townhouse, so once approved they could still move in immediately. Lease assumption process can come after wards.

Call or text if needed 530 354 4986


Name: Berenice Sanchez Address: 1521 Nord Avenue Email: Phone: 7609751889

Deposit: $150     Rent: $413.75

Hello looking for 3 people to do a lease takeover, are lease ends July 17 2023. It's a 4bed/2bath. Washer and dry on the premises.

Pet friendly.


Name: Jose Aleman Address: 1521 Nord Ave Email: Phone: 2095705403

Deposit: $500     Rent: $438

Hello we are looking for a lease take over, the lease ends in June but there's potential to renew with current roommates still on lease or renew with new people. It's a 4bed/2bath townhome, there is a washer and dryer in the place.

Room will be available has soon has all the paperwork is done.


Name: Delilah Ogarrio Address: 1521 Nord Avenue Email: Phone: 5303544986

Deposit: $150     Rent: $415

Just looking for a lease take over, lease ends in July but there is potential to renew with current roommates still on the lease or to renew with a new 'party'. Very much need to go live with my family because of family members declining health.

Willing to move out as soon as someone is approved.


Name: Alexes Perez Cardenas Address: 917 W. Sacramento Ave. Unit 5, Chico, CA, 95926 Email: Phone: 7604988684

Deposit: $0     Rent: $692

Hello! I am a 21 year old female Chico State student majoring in pre-cred history. I am looking for two possible roommates, male or female to fill up a 3 bed 3 bath unit. Pet friendly. Pretty new, and there is a two car garage ( I have a car, first come first serve ) and open to talk or meet up to see if were compatible as roommates (:


Name: Jacob Reguera Address: 1521 Nord Avenue Chico,CA Email: Phone: 707-803-8727

Deposit: $500     Rent: $495

My name is Jacob Reguera. I was living at Nord Gardens here with Hill Properties and am looking for someone to take over my portion of the lease. There are 3 others living in the rental and we split the utilities 4 ways. If interested please call or email me or Hill Properties.


Name: Carlos Martinez Address: 917 W Sacramento ave Email: Phone: 5309010992

Deposit: $375     Rent: $518.25

Hello!! We are looking for a lease takeover for our 3 bed/3 bath apartment.

There are currently 4 of us so the money is divided by 4ths. There are 2 master bedrooms upstairs and a single bathroom and bedroom downstairs. Washer and dryer are part of the apartment. Text/email for more information. Thank you.


Name: Thomas Rizzo Address: 840 w 6th street unit 1 Email: Phone: 9167679418

Deposit: $600     Rent: $775

Im looking to move out and have someone take over my part of the lease.

Building is listed on hill properties website as Portland place.


Name: Miguelangel Perez Address: 186 East Shasta 5B Email: Phone: 424 364 4697

Deposit: $NA     Rent: $812.50 /1000.00

I'm a single male working fulltime. I usually home in the evenings and work weekends too. I like outside activities and hung with my dog after work.

I have a dog, so applicant will need to be ok with the dog. no other dogs allowed. the 1000.00 rent will cover you with Wi-Fi and electricity for the place, street parking only. I'm looking for a mature, responsible, clean male that work full time. and does not mind my dog. pls contact me for a meet and great


Name: Destiny Delgado Address: 634 W2nd Ave Apt 3 Email: Phone: 9169692270

Deposit: $0     Rent: $460

All girls live in the apartment.


Name: Chris Copriviza Address: 1010 Warner St. Email: Phone: 8312511355

Deposit: $1050     Rent: $1050

3 Chico State Students in need of 2 additional roommates.